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Uncomfortable | Episode 227

Uncomfortable | Episode 227

Show Notes

Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 227 is entitled “Uncomfortable”. What’s it like to go from leading the high school musical for 2 years straight to being a lowly first year student at a school 2 hours away?  What’s it like to know absolutely no one for the first time in your life?  If high school was difficult socially, how much more difficult is college?  Join us at The Table this week as we hear from Bella Mitlo. 

Pull up a seat at the table and join us!

Bella Mitlo

  1. Introduce Bella and go to updates in general

  2. Re-introduce Bella and give background to her changes in school life in the past year..

  3. Questions

    1. Losing/changing - what was it like to go from everyday life being surrounded by everything you know to a whole new world?

    2. New experiences

      1. What have been your high and low moments so far?

      2. How has it been making new friends?

      3. How has the change in structure affected you (going from an 8 hour school day to a college schedule)?

    3. New normal?

      1. Where are you now?  Do you feel like you have stabilized?  

      2. Are you optimistic moving forward, still in the battle, or does it look bleak to you?

    4. What’s it like to know about emotional needs compared to other people your age? 

      1. Do you feel different than your friends when it comes to emotional needs?

      2. Do you get frustrated with others who get it less?