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The Best | Episode 232

The Best | Episode 232

Show Notes

Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 232 is entitled “The Best”.   It’s been a long year so far.  It’s easy to be negative.  We’re going to be positive tonight.  What are THE BEST things?  What is not only good but better than most anything else?  We’ll be talking about that at The Table this evening!

Pull up a seat at the table and join us!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Chris, Jay, and Eric, engaged in a wide-ranging discussion covering topics such as the importance of not feeling alone, the significance of rejoicing and mourning with others as a way to provide support, and the joy found in simple pleasures and accomplishments.

They shared personal anecdotes about missing their friend Brian, who is away on assignment in New York, and discussed their anticipation for his return. Conversations also touched on reliving childhood memories, the excitement of planning surprises for loved ones, and finding joy in parenting and family activities.

The episode emphasized the value of focusing on positive experiences, like the joy of companionship, the beauty of nature, and the fulfillment found in achieving personal goals or making a difference in others' lives. Listener contributions added to the theme, highlighting moments considered "the best," such as spending time with family, enjoying nature, and the satisfaction of simple comforts like fresh sheets or a well-cooked meal.

Overall, this episode serves as a reminder to cherish and seek out the best moments in life, fostering an attitude of gratitude and positivity.

The Best From You!

Kelly Sens Shiring

Hearing the laughter of my children

Becky Kress Fenoglietto

Honestly it’s the first mug of coffee in a quiet house.

Kelly E. Anker Bethani


Phyllis Feeney Johnston

Being retired

Monique Wright


Jeffrey Kearney

Something I haven’t had in years: restful sleep.

Terry Colabrese

Knowing God is speaking to my heart

Dawn Marie Himes-Pinner

A walk alone on an empty beach in the off season

Faith Milazzo

Water—waves, a river, a creek, and a lake

Chesney Ostrosky

Fresh sheets are amazing!!!

Jessica L. Calve

The feeling of sitting in a spotless room in your home after you gutted it out and reorganized. It’s like heaven to me.

Beth Hoffman Ruzanic

Best thing in life, my 4 amazing kids.

Best moment of the day, laying down in bed each night.

Ann DeVito

Dogs. Any breed, any size. They love you know matter what you look like, smell like. They’re the most loyal & loving creatures. And ALWAYS happy to see you!!!!!

Bob Chaney

Having a cup of coffee and cake in a cafe with a good friend on a sunny day surrounded by the Alps!

Sally Feeney Herr

1. Being a parent

2. Then a grandparent

3. Being with the whole family

4. Sitting on the beach enjoying the sounds of the beach.

Mary Lynn Pleczkowski

The BEACH!!!

And - my family of course!!

Bella Mitlo

Putting on clothes fresh out of the dryer

And a good caramel iced latte with almond milk

Deanna Lateef

Laughing with my best friends

A good hair and makeup day

Hannah Elizabeth

So much I consider to be “ the best” the simple things in life for sure like..sunsets and sunrises, yoga, nature, animals, making others smile, laughing, fresh sheets heck yes! Glimmers are everywhere

Anthony DeMarco

The first time I kissed a charcoal steak under clean sheets after a day in the shower on Christmas morning on the beach.