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Real Ones | Episode 234

Real Ones | Episode 234

Show Notes

Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 234 is entitled “Real Ones”.   What makes up a great friend?  What is it that sets them apart from all of the others?  Why does it matter?  We’ll be talking about that at The Table this evening.

Pull up a seat at the table and join us!

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What is a Real One?

  • 3am friends

  • Joey Diaz

What do we value in a “Real One?” 

What real ones are from friends of the show.  We discuss each one with the emotional need that corresponds with it.

  • Faith Milazzo

    • Someone who is there for you when you need it the most, whether it’s via text, a phone call, or in person. But in person is best. 

  • Christina Madden

    • She is the only one on earth who knows every single thing about me. (Aside from God, of course.) Even the not so pretty parts. And loves me anyway. We are like the same person in 2 bodies. She instinctively knows, somehow, when I need her most. We always laugh and say we have psycho connection.  

  • Dawn Marie Himes-Pinner

    • So hard to put into words.

    • I always thought *it* to be the qualities such as honesty or showing up or compassion or laughter. These are important and valuable and stellar qualities that are truly important and appreciated… But…

    • Then you have a dark moment or a dark day or a dark season. Then you feel *it* and see *it* in a way that you never understood before or knew even existed within the best of your friend(s). There is a strength and grace and commitment that shows up and just takes hold.

  • Dan Leppold

    • I think it's less about what qualities a person has but what part of your life journey were they a part of. That's why childhood and college friends tend to hold special places in our hearts. Even if their friendship qualities have a list of flaws.

  • Patricia O'Donnell Lutz

    • They know where everything in your life is buried because they were right by your side, helping to dig the hole.

  • Sally

    • Someone who really listens.

    • Someone you KNOW you and count on.

    • Someone who lets you be yourself and still loves you, no matter the situation.

  • Shirer 

    • One of my closest friends from college flew from PA to Mississippi to make the drive to PA when I was moving back. Hard to beat that level of a real one. 

  • Laurie Ann

    • My bestie and I have been friends for 55 years. We love each other for who we are and her family is my family and vice-versa. She knows my heart and I know hers!!!

  • Denny F

    • Available in a personal crisis.

    • And being able to connect after years and talk as if no time has passed. Just pure genuine friendship.

What emotional needs seem to show up most?  What other emotional needs pertain to this?  Do they all?  Is it directly attached to what they value/need?  

  • How can this help us to be a better friend?

  • How can this help us to not be a worse friend? 

Episode Summary

In Episode 234 of "Lunchtime in Rome," titled "Real Ones," Jay, Brian, and Eric delve into the essence of true friendship. They explore what characteristics distinguish a great friend from others and why these qualities are significant. The hosts share personal anecdotes and insights, offering a rich discussion on the nature of support, acceptance, comfort, belonging, and consistency in friendships. They also consider how one's emotional needs influence the perception of a real friend. The episode includes contributions from listeners, who share their definitions of a "real one" through stories and examples, further enriching the conversation. These contributions lead to a deeper understanding of the various emotional needs met by true friends, such as support in times of need, unconditional acceptance, and the importance of being present. The episode concludes with a touching "Can't Do Better" segment, highlighting a Marine's honor guard for a young child battling cancer, illustrating the profound impact of dedication and honor. Overall, Episode 234 is a heartfelt exploration of the values that define true friendship and how these relationships shape our lives.