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Pandemic Emotions | Episode 70

Pandemic Emotions | Episode 70

It was so great to be back with all of you at the table last week. We are excited to share with you again tonight. We will be on the air again towards 8. This week, we will be looking at how these past few months have impacted each of the top 10 emotional needs (attention, acceptance, affection, appreciation, belonging, comfort, encouragement, respect, security, support). How might we have been hurt and how did we get them met? Let us know by leaving a comment if you have input on this. How much did any of your needs NOT get met? Where you able to identify it or did you just feel angry, scared, guilty, or unlovable? Make sure you add any #dobetter and #cantdobetter and perhaps a #wtfawd (not a do better or can't do better but astounding nonetheless) entries as well.