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NOT Over It | Episode 193

NOT Over It | Episode 193

Show Notes

Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 193 is entitled,    “NOT Over It”. Very often you hear,  "I'm over it."  People have said it to you.  You've said it.  The thing is, they're not and neither are you.  Why is that?  Why can't you just move on?  We'll be talking about that at The Table this evening!  

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  1. Intro - people often say that they are “over it” regarding…

    1. Trauma

    2. Broken relationships

    3. Disagreements

    4. Other “less traumatic” hurts

    5. I.e. all emotional pain

  2. What does “over it” mean?

    1. It’s no longer pressing

    2. It’s no longer an argument

    3. The relationship is over

    4. You have come to understand WHY you were hurt.

  3. Why you are not “over it”

    1. Trauma changes your brain and the way it works

    2. Broken relationships create patterns

    3. Hurts are literally that…hurts

  4. A simple illustration/analogy - knife

    1. Typical reasons for being over it

      1. Relationship - the person is no longer around

      2. Hurts

        1. Not a big deal

        2. Understand why it happened

        3. Don’t blame the perpetrator

    2. Why you’re not over it

      1. You may know those things but the hurt isn’t gone

      2. You still need to heal