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Narcissism: Feelings vs Emotions Part 3

Narcissism: Feelings vs Emotions Part 3

Episode 179

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Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 179 is entitled, “Narcissism, Feelings vs Emotions pt3.” What is a narcissist? Why does narcissism fly in the face of loving others? How does narcissism use feelings instead of meeting others emotions? We’re talking about that tonight at The Table.

Feelings vs. Emotion

  1. What’s on display in the world today? What’s the world’s current economy

    • Narcissism - the feeling of needing to love self above all others.

      • It’s selfish, non-sacrificial, artificial, and empty.

      • It feeds the sin of wanting to be our own god. It is a counterfeit

      • operating system and produces no real fruit

      • Plain and simple, it is pride, vanity, and ego that only terminates on itself

      • Four kinds of narcissism

        • Grandiose narcissist - the classic representation of the narcissist (dresses better than everyone, arrogant, lacking empathy, egotistical, attention seeking, validation seeking, the entire world revolves around this person, all the time)

        • Malignant narcissist - all of the things the grandiose narcissist is but also incredibly mean and does really bad things - steal from their company, cheat, steal, great criminals (Bernie Madoff, politicians)

        • Covert narcissist - someone who feels like a victim of everything of the world while being all the things a malignant narcissist is. “Life done them wrong”, passive aggressive.

        • Communal narcissist - virtue signallers. “Look at me! I’m giving to charity! I’m at this event! I’m doing this good thing!!!”

      • Exploitation - using others for your own personal gain, to feel better about yourself

        • Constant tearing down and criticism of others

        • Victimizing others to selfishly accomplish something that benefits you or your group


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