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Mike Pietragallo | Episode 246

Mike Pietragallo | Episode 246

Show Notes

Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. In this podcast episode, titled "Mike Pietragallo," the guys welcome Mike, who has led a life dedicated to his country, family, and the CrossFit community. The discussion begins with a humorous tangent about amusement park rides and motion sickness, drawing parallels between the thrill of rides and Mike's experiences in flight school, highlighting his struggle with motion sickness during air combat maneuvers.

Mike shares stories from his military career, describing his journey from a student pilot to a bombardier navigator on A6 Intruders, an all-weather medium attack aircraft. He provides a vivid account of the challenges and intricacies of air combat training and his experiences during the Gulf War. Mike also recounts his early life, growing up in Pittsburgh, and his path to becoming an officer in the Navy, influenced by his family's military background.

The conversation shifts to Mike's personal life and his passion for CrossFit, where he is a founding member of one of the earliest CrossFit gyms. He reflects on the importance of inclusivity within the CrossFit community and how it naturally became a welcoming space for everyone, including members of the LGBTQ community. Mike expresses his discomfort with being praised for inclusivity, believing it should be the norm.

A significant portion of the discussion is devoted to Mike's reflections on relational needs, particularly his need for security, respect, and belonging. He shares insights into his personal experiences with these needs, including a poignant moment when he informed his father about his decision to join the Navy instead of pursuing law school, which initially caused tension but ultimately led to his father's pride and support.

Throughout the episode, Mike's stories are interwoven with themes of dedication, respect, and the complexities of personal and professional life. The guys engage with Mike's anecdotes, drawing lessons from his experiences and appreciating his contributions to both his community and the podcast.