Jul 21, 2022 • 1HR 5M

Matt Cresto | Episode 164

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Lunchtime In Rome
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Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight is episode 164 entitled “Injustice In Loss”. Our guest tonight is Matt Cresto, a father and husband who recently went through one of the most excruciating and difficult things a person can go through - watching his beloved bride, Christy, confined to a hospital bed, slowly pass away right in front of his eyes while simultaneously welcoming a new baby onto the planet. You can read his entire journey - and all of the horrific details he carefully documented during the process - at FightforChristy.com. Disclaimer: there are some big hot button issues in this episode. Our sole intent is to hear Matt’s story and discuss the deep well of hurts and emotions he experienced through this horrific process without pushing an agenda. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this episode belong solely to Matt, and not necessarily to the Lunchtime In Rome podcast or any of our other affiliates.. Pull up a seat at the table and join us!