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How to Begin

How to Begin

First things first, how was your Thanksgiving? Let us know if something went great or catastrophic. We'll share either one! That being said, we've talked a lot. Actually, we've been talking for a year. While sitting at "The Table" we've gone over all of the different things that make up not feeling alone...or being alone. That brings us to an interesting point. How do you start? What if you've been listening, joining in, sitting at the table but don't know how or where to start? Maybe you are like most people and don't have a close group of people that you can share an emotion with and they will simply join you instead of trying to fix it or explain away the hurt. Maybe you have so much hurt from your childhood that you can't fathom going back to revisit it. Maybe you have so much hurt now that you can't even see your childhood. We don't have miracles. There is no easy fix. However, tomorrow (Wed) evening we will be going over a few things that can perhaps get you started towards healing and finding some comfort.