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Feelings vs. Emotions Pt. 1 | Episode 177

Feelings vs. Emotions Pt. 1 | Episode 177

Surface Vs. Real

Feelings vs. Emotions

  1. Last week, we hit on a topic when Brian said “feelings are different than emotions” and we began a discussion about what that really means? So what DOES it mean?

  2. It is important to note that psychologists spend years studying and defining this on a clinical and scholastic level.  It is our goal/motive to make this relatable and understandable on a practical level.  

  3. Feelings are ambiguous and superficial, found directly in the conscience

    • We feel “good” or “bad” but don’t have the vocabulary to explain why

    • They are fleeting and ever-shifting

    • Brian’s take: In and of themselves, they never satisfy. They’re like an undefined drug that we look to “hit”, and when we can’t get that “hit” we’re looking for, we feel empty and lacking

    • Satan LOVES to deal and operate on the “feelings” level

    • People are keenly aware of their feelings and demand that they be accounted for.

    • In the most general of terms, the 4 places hurts go are the primary (negative) emotions

    • Angry

    • Guilty

    • Fearful

    • Self-condemning

  4. Emotions are eternal and fundamental, they exist in the subconscience

    • Emotions and emotional awareness are intentional and defined (as we’ve been doing for the past 176 episodes)

    • Emotions are concrete and tangible. They are as real as our DNA.

    • Emotions are what fuels (along with physical stimuli) our feelings

    • People are largely unaware of their emotions and are manipulated by them

    • When our emotional needs are unmet or taken from us we experience negative feelings.