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College Life | Episode 226

College Life | Episode 226

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Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 226 is entitled “College Life”. What’s it like to know about emotional needs and be in college? Further, what’s it like to understand emotional responding and be a GUY in college?  Even before all of that, what’s it like to be on the cusp of real life in 2024?  We’ll be talking about that at The Table with Ben Davidson and Joe Mitlo tonight!

Pull up a seat at the table and join us!

  1. Questions for Joe/Ben

    1. How is school for each of you?

      1. What’s the most challenging part academically?

      2. What's the most challenging part relationally?

      3. What’s the most challenging part emotionally?

    2. What’s the dynamic of your living arrangement/friend group?

      1. Is it typical of other guys that you go to school with?

        1. How is it different?

        2. How is it the same?

      2. Do you two find yourselves dealing with Luke differently than he does with the two of you?  What about your greater friend group?  Do you notice your knowledge of emotional needs making you communicate differently?

    3. How has college been different than you expected?

    4. How has it been EXACTLY how you expected?

    5. What do you like best/worst about college?

    6. What’s your favorite experience last and this year in the apartment?

    7. Where do your hurts go in general and have they changed since you’ve been in college either in where they go or how strong they are?

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