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Childhood Essentials Pt 4 | Episode 192

Childhood Essentials Pt 4 | Episode 192

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Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 192 is entitled,    “Childhood Essentials Pt 4”. As a child, did you get what it takes to fully function as an adult? This week at The Table we will conclude our series going over the assets ANY child needs to be set up to succeed as an adult.

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40 Developmental Assets® (32-40)

32. Planning and Decision Making—Parent(s) help child think through and plan school and play activities.

33. Interpersonal Competence—Child seeks to build friendships and is learning about self-control.

34. Cultural Competence—Child continues to learn about her or his own cultural identity and is encouraged to interact

positively with children of different racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

35. Resistance Skills—Child is learning to recognize risky or dangerous situations and is able to seek help from trusted adults.

36. Peaceful Conflict Resolution—Child continues learning to resolve conflicts without hitting, throwing a tantrum, or using hurtful language.

37. Personal Power—Child has a growing sense of having influence over some of the things that happen in her or his life.

38. Self-Esteem—Child likes herself or himself and feels valued by others.

39. Sense of Purpose—Child welcomes new experiences and imagines what he or she might do or be in the future.

40. Positive View of Personal Future—Child has a growing curiosity about the world and finding her or his place in it.


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