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Childhood Essentials Pt 3 | Episode 191

Childhood Essentials Pt 3 | Episode 191

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Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 191 is entitled, “Childhood Essentials Pt 3”. As a child, did you get what it takes to fully function as an adult? This week at The Table we will continue to go over the assets ANY child needs to be set up to succeed as an adult. Pull up a seat at the table and join us!

40 Developmental Assets® (21-31)

  1. Achievement Motivation—Child is encouraged to remain curious and demonstrates an interest in doing well at school.

  2. Learning Engagement—Child is enthused about learning and enjoys going to school.

  3. Homework—With appropriate parental support, child completes assigned homework.

  4. Bonding to School—Child is encouraged to have and feels a sense of belonging at school.

  5. Reading for Pleasure—Child listens to and/or reads books outside of school daily.

  6. Caring—Parent(s) help child grow in empathy, understanding, and helping others.

  7. Equality and Social Justice—Parent(s) encourage child to be concerned about rules and being fair to everyone.

  8. Integrity—Parent(s) help child develop her or his own sense of right and wrong behavior.

  9. Honesty—Parent(s) encourage child’s development in recognizing and telling the truth.

  10. Responsibility—Parent(s) encourage child to accept and take responsibility for her or his actions at school and at home.

  11. Self-Regulation—Parents encourage child’s growth in regulating her or his own emotions and behaviors and in understanding the importance of healthy habits and choices.

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