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Bad Patterns in Relationships Part 2 | Episode 155

Bad Patterns in Relationships Part 2 | Episode 155

How to break the cycle Seek God’s input on the matter How does He feel about what you’ve done? How does He feel for the other person? Listen!! Understand where the hurts go and be mindful/loving with that knowledge Avoid directing anger/fear AT the other person Try not to have your guilt/self condemnation cloud the truth What are their hurts, what needs were not met or taken from them? How do you like that need to be met? How can you meet their need while your need(s) are also met? Realize that meeting another’s needs is loving them Be aware of your and their emotional needs (as compared to the hurts)? Commit to being OHV Be very careful if THIS has been a problem If both people are not committed to this, many future hurts will be created Heal all hurts Outside - Heal old wounds Attach comfort one on one Have others comfort if needed Seek outside counsel in navigating this if neccesary Inside - Confess, Understand, Forgive Seek WISE counsel An outside perspective is valuable Do not seek an echo chamber Do not simply vent/gossip/disrespect What’s next? Replace bad patterns with good Regular check-ins in regards to needs and hurts Spending time building the relationship outside of needs and conflict Allow for grace within the relationship