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At The Movies | Episode 196

At The Movies | Episode 196

Show Notes

Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 196 is entitled, “At The Movies”. More often than not, movies depict terrible emotional responding. This week at The Table we are going to be going over where the movies get it RIGHT!!!

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Christina Madden

Steel Magnolias

Kimberly Clemens

The shack!! (The scene about forgiveness) “you're not stuck because you can't, you're stuck because you won't”

Kim Mulaski

Beeches.  Friends that even if not together all the time or even living near each other they had each other's back.

Megan Shema Keim

Not a movie but Ted lasso. (specifically the Christmas Eve episode)  Rebecca (the boss lady) knows what Ted is going through but rather than talking to him about it she asks him for help in giving gifts away and keeps him from being alone literally and relationally.

Monica J. Minesky-Aiello

Under The Tuscan Sun, Hopefulness; She brings people together under adverse circumstances and the love and family like atmosphere turns her house into a "home".  Frances, an American writer, ends up divorced and unable to write. A friend convinces her to use her ticket on a gay tour of Italy because she is pregnant and can’t travel. On the tour she ends up purchasing a fixer-upper Villa near Tuscany. She hires a crew of Polish immigrants to repair the villa (chain of comical events). The crew, made up of interesting characters, become her friends. There are several side stories like the elderly gentleman who brings flowers daily in memory of his deceased wife that she cannot even get a nod from, but eventually wins his approval. Another side story is a faucet that doesn’t work starts to work when life falls into place. Her pregnant girlfriend arrives after her relationship with her partner ended. The youngest Polish immigrant falls in love with a local girl, but it is forbidden love because of his ethnicity and because he has no family. Frances convinces the girl's parents that she is his family and that he has a future. Frances had a dream for the house to eventually get married, raise a family. She realizes all of that is coming to life because of the amazing friends, workers, and locals. The villa hosts the wedding of the Polish Immigrant/Local Girl and the birth of her girlfriend's baby, and Frances has found her happiness. She kicks back at the wedding just as another young American writer shows up at her door. He heard about her buying the villa and wants to meet her which opens her up to being able to be happy again at the prospect of a romantic relationship.

I know you are probably wondering how that fits into your theme, but it's comical, romantic and all about how complete strangers come together to become a family, have hope and love amidst tragedy and despair. They are there for each other emotionally as well as physically.

Geri MacBeth

Stand By Me, Great movie about children fumbling-their-way through this issue (&, sadly, the consequences of not dealing…):

Douglas Kersten

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, a young boy by the name of Ricky Baker who has spent most of his life in foster homes has a new placement with this older couple that lives in rural New Zealand, and a tragic event brings Ricky and Hec (the male figure) both at odds with one another and revealing how they need each other.  - Also Dead Poets Society

Sally Herr

80 for Brady, They ended up going to the game, but the journey of their trip was filled with fun, love , supporting each other.  I thought it was going to be like some of those dumb men movies ie the Hangover. But it was sweet. What's so funny was I didn't want to go. Phyllis wanted to see it & no one wanted to go. So I went because I love her! I ended up loving it.

Wendie Mack

Jerry and Marge Go Large.

A retired married couple find a loophole in winning the lottery and involve their small struggling community helping their neighbors and local businesses. It’s a true story!

Janet Amato


True friendship

Heather Ashe

Lars and the Real Girl

It is about a man who is struggling mentally and emotionally who gets a girlfriend, a sex doll, with pure intentions of having her as his girlfriend.  A therapist recommends to his family that they play along that it is his girlfriend.  The whole town rallies around him (ladies take her shopping and do her hair for example).  You have to watch it for it all to make sense and see the transformation of individual characters, family, and community by the very coming together to help another.  


As Good as it Gets (acceptance), Glory (respect), Anti - Rocky (any scene with Adrienne lacking support, encouragement, respect, joining him)


Good Will Hunting Sean (Robin Williams) cries with Will (Matt Damon)





Carl felt that he was not being appreciated or allowed to express his creativity in the restaurant where he worked. He was also struggling to balance his work and personal life, and he felt disconnected from his son, Percy. He was so focused on his job that he neglected his family and failed to attend important events in his son's life.

Carl’s ex-wife Inez is one of his biggest supporters. She encourages him to start his own food truck business, and helps him with the logistics and planning. She also provides emotional support and helps him to reconnect with their son Percy. Carl's friend and sous chef Martin, is a key supporter. He joins Carl on his food truck journey and helps him to refine his menu and cooking techniques. Martin provides comic relief and a sounding board for Carl as he works through his personal and professional struggles. Percy, Carl's son, is also a source of support and encouragement. He helps Carl to promote the food truck business on social media and becomes an integral part of the operation.