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3 Types of Love | Episode 184

3 Types of Love | Episode 184

Remember: Love is meeting someone’s needs

Welcome everyone and pull up a seat at the table. It’s Lunchtime in Rome. Tonight’s episode 184 is entitled, “3 types of Love”. 2023 has started off in dark and tragic fashion.  What stands out in the dark?  Light.  How can we be light?  Through love.  This week at The Table we will be talking about what love looks like in 3 categories and which one stands out the most!  

Pull up a seat at the table and join us!

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3 Types of Love - Remember: Love is meeting someone’s needs

  1.  Obligatory Love

    1. Definition - loving someone that it would be really wrong if you didn’t

    2. Examples categories (give examples of loving each)

      1. Family - spending time, (others)

      2. Friends - listening, moving, (others)

      3. Neighbors - tools, watching their house, (others)

      4. Others?  

  2. Reactionary Love

    1. Definition - loving someone when approached with their need.

    2. Example situations

      1. There is a need for help in the community

      2. Stepping up when no one else will

        1. Rides

        2. Chores/Tasks

        3. Projects (in a work environment)

        4. Others

      3. Being in the moment to a stranger in need

  3. Intentional Love

    1. Definition

      1. Love where it’s completely not expected

      2. Premeditated actions of love

    2. Examples

      1. Being in public

        1. Store personnel

        2. People you pass in the street

        3. People at work/school

      2. Messages of love/meeting emotional needs

        1. Friends you don’t see or hear from often

        2. Family that has become distant

        3. Co-workers, classmates, neighbors

      3. Mission trips/charity work - this must be with the correct intention

        1. Not a social event

        2. Not to look good or even feel good (even if you will do both)

    3. Origination

      1. Prayer

      2. Other?  Thinking?  Meditation?  

  4. Summary

    1. To not fulfill Obligatory Love is just bad and evidence of something being broken

    2. To not fulfill Reactionary Love is indicative of poor emotional health and/or focus

    3. TO Intentionally Love really stands out (reference light and dark) and most closely resembles God's love for us.


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